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What can I do with the peloton tread?

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Experience a scenic outdoor run on the Peloton Tread. With a variety of locations and scenery, tap into your wanderlust while you sweat. Round out your Tread workouts, or take them on the go with the Peloton App. Included in your Peloton All-Access Membership, enjoy every Peloton workout from cycling to running, bootcamp, strength, yoga and more.

Peloton treadmill classes are a great way to get in shape and have fun at the same time. However, it can get a little monotonous from time to time if you always do your cardio workouts indoors. That’s why many participants wonder if it’s possible to hold Peloton workout classes outdoors.

Peloton classes work a little differently than indoor classes, but they can be done outside. In outdoor peloton running courses, runners use audio files with instructors to guide them. However, the instructors give them cues based on effort rather than the usual visualizations. 

If you are interested in doing an outdoor peloton running course but don’t know where to start, we have a solution for you. In our short guide, we explain why you can train outside and how to do it. We even go into whether you should still take indoor classes even if you do them outdoors. So pack up your running shoes and get going.

What is a walking class on peloton?

Peloton Walking Classes are similar to the running classes, except use walking instead! They’re usually interval-based and lead by one of the treadmill instructors. As Chase Tucker says, “Don’t sleep on power walking”. These workouts can be TOUGH and as good of a workout as a run.

What are peloton’s bike bootcamps?

Initially offered only as a mix of strength and running in Tread Bootcamps, back in the fall Peloton announced Bike Bootcamps in addition to their Tread Bootcamp offerings. If you’ve ever been curious about what these bootcamps are, we’ve got you covered!

What is the incline on the new peloton treadmill?

I’ve done a few classes this week where the instructor will call for a 15 incline but the new Tread will only go to 12.5. It’s kind of annoying since Peloton no longer sells a treadmill that can go to that incline, so most new users will have the new Tread.

How Do Outdoor Peloton Tread Classes Work?

So, how exactly can you do peloton tread classes outdoors? It’s not like you can have the bike or treadmill out there with you.

Well, they work by using audio cues from a coach that directs you on what to do based on a metric called RPE (Rated Perceived Exertion). We will get more into what RPE is about momentarily, but for now suffice to say it is a way of measuring the level of exertion you’re putting in.

They don’t use the same kinds of cues they would use in a class, since you’re not on equipment that can change in intensity at will. These cues can be listened to through headphones so you don’t miss a beat while you’re doing your workout.

What is Rated Perceived Exertion and How Does it Work?

So, what exactly is Rated Perceived Exertion and how does it help you complete a Peloton tread class outside?

RPE is a metric that is very subjective, but still useful when you’re trying to do an outdoor Peloton workout. It’s basically a scale of one to ten–one being the least and ten being the most–of how much exertion you feel you’re putting into your run at a given moment.

Instead of describing a visual terrain and telling you to increase your exertion with a machine indoors, your coach simply guides you on when to change your level of exertion, so you are getting roughly the same type of experience.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Peloton Classes?

Below we’ve listed three of the best reasons you should try out outdoor Pelton classes:

  • You’ll get more sun: Getting your natural vitamin D is important. Doing Peloton classes outside will help you do that!
  • It is specific to you: Instead of having preset settings like when you run on the equipment indoors, you can push yourself to your comfortable level of exertion. That’s just one of the beauties of the RPE system.
  • It’s an affordable way to exercise: You need to use an on demand service or a live one but that’s about it. You don’t need a membership to a building or any fancy equipment to practice at home. There’s no reason not to.

All this is not to say that outdoor classes are better than indoor classes, just that outdoor classes do have some benefits unique to them.

Should I Still Do Indoor Peloton Tread Classes?

So, if you do decide to do outdoor peloton workouts, do you still need to do indoor classes as well? In other words, are outdoor Peloton tread workouts supplementary to indoor ones, or simply a vehicle for enhancing them?

The answer is a little complicated. It’s great for you to do either indoor or outdoor Peloton workouts. If you’re only interested in doing the outdoor ones, you will still get many of the same benefits you would get from doing it indoors.

Of course, if you can manage to do both, you’ll probably get the most benefit out of everyone. Which way you decide to go is really up to you. The best thing to do is to weigh the benefits based on your individual goals and preferences. You may find one type to be far more interesting than the other, or that both of them give you a valuable, unique experience.


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