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Can you use fitbit with Peloton bike?

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The most common way to use Fitbit with Peloton bike is as a heart rate monitor. You can sync the peloton app with the device via Bluetooth and it will display your current heart rate while you taking a class. However, I think you get the most profound benefits from monitoring the stats directly from the Fitbit app.

Peloton is one of the most popular workout devices today, and Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness accessories. Many fitness enthusiasts wonder if these two devices can be integrated into the same fitness routine, especially since they both focus on documenting your progress.

Fitbit can be used as a third-party heart rate monitor for Peloton. Compatibility between Fitbit and Peloton means you can record your Peloton rides and sync them to your Fitbit account. Peloton can record your workout data in your Fitbit account.

Peloton and Fitbit are both useful fitness tools, and their integration makes them even more functional. Read on to learn more about how to sync your Fitbit with your Peloton bike and how to connect these two fitness devices.

Is Peloton Compatible With Fitbit?

Peloton is compatible with Fitbit, making it a great accessory choice to pair with your Peloton bike. A major advantage of pairing these two systems is that your Peloton will upload metrics to your Fitbit automatically once they’re synced.

By signing into your Fitbit for each ride you take on your Peloton, you can log the following information (Source: Fitbit):

  • Workout duration
  • Distance traveled
  • Total calories burned

Being able to sync your Fitbit to your Peloton allows you to integrate the Peloton fully into your workout routine without losing control over documenting your progress metrics. Since measuring your progress with quantifiable data for every workout is a major motivator for many fitness enthusiasts, this makes Peloton a perfect partner for your Fitbit.

How to Connect Fitbit to Peloton

To connect your Fitbit to your Peloton bike, all you have to do is connect your Peloton to your Fitbit account. This connection will allow you to share the metrics of your workouts on the Peloton to your Fitbit account whenever you complete them. To upload a Peloton workout to your Fitbit metrics log, use this method (Source: Peloton Support):

  • After completing your Peloton workout, go to your Peloton’s touch screen and select the Share button. The Share button should bring up the option for Fitbit
  • Log into Fitbit. Sign in to your account on the Peloton to automatically sync your bike to your Fitbit account
  • After a one-time log-in, all Peloton metrics should be automatically uploaded to your Fitbit account each time you work out.

Fitbit and Peloton have been adapted to work almost seamlessly with each other, and both brands advertise available compatibility. This built-in compatibility makes connecting your Fitbit to your Peloton a snap even if you don’t have technical skills.

Does the Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor Work with Peloton?

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to use Fitbit as a heart rate monitor while directly connected to the Peloton. Fitbit doesn’t use ANT+ technology, the only type of heart rate monitoring software supported by Peloton. This lack of integration prevents both Fitbit and Apple Watch from acting as direct heart rate monitors for Peloton.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still use your Fitbit to monitor your heart rate during a Peloton workout. You’ll just have to do it separately as part of your Fitbit account, and it won’t be recorded in the data metrics from your Peloton.

If you want a Fitbit heart rate monitor that will deliver heart rate data directly to the Peloton app, you’ll need a specific model of Fitbit: the Fitbit Versa smartwatch.

What is the difference between peloton and Fitbit heart rate monitor?

The peloton heart rate monitor is a strap that you buckle around your chest only during workouts and it allows you to read your heart rate. On the other hand, the Fitbit tracker you wear on your wrist (just like a regular watch) 24/7. This allows to transmit all information to the Fitbit app and receive comprehensive reports.

Does the peloton app work with a tablet?

The Peloton app can also work with these bikes, but without the live leaderboard and full real-time stats. Three of the bikes we tested are outfitted—two with an integrated touchscreen and one with a tablet holder—to work with your own tablet.

What is the best Garmin device for peloton?

Verified by both Garmin and the ANT+ directory, this fēnix 5 comes with both Bluetooth capabilities and the ANT+ technology necessary to broadcast your heart rate to your Peloton bike. This Garmin has the ability to track fitness activity like indoor biking, strength training, indoor rowing, and running, heart rate, sleep, hydration, and more.

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