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What are the features of the echelon bikes?

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Touchscreen: Your choice of a 10″ or 22″ HD touchscreen – ideal for immersive workouts and can flip 180° for off-bike routines. Stats Tracking: With the other Echelon bikes, you don’t have access to your stats unless you connect to the app on your own tablet.

That sounds perfect – riding your bike and watching Netflix. No more squinting at your phone screen or worrying about mounting a TV on the wall at eye level.

The Echelon Bike does not support Netflix, which means you can’t watch Netflix directly from your Echelon Bike. To stream Netflix with the Echelon Bike, you will need: an EX3 or EX3S, a device that you can connect to the bike, or a cable to connect the two devices.

Despite the closure of gyms, 78% of people believe that fitness has become more accessible. Professional cyclists work out indoors to keep their bodies in top shape, even in bad weather. While it sounds fantastic to be able to track your fitness goals and watch Netflix at the same time, some companies have refrained from making this possible. Read on to learn more.

Echelon and Netflix Compatibility

When working out, you probably would love something to pass the time, and what better to do than streaming your favorite show?

The Echelon bike is not compatible with Netflix. You cannot download or use Netflix directly from your Echelon bike without extra steps. If you want to watch Netflix, we’ve compiled some tricks to get you watching those new Netflix Originals right from your Echelon bike.

Some of the ways to watch Netflix on your Echelon bike are:

  • Use a tablet to stream Netflix
  • Bypass the settings on your Echelon bike
  • Attach an HDMI cable to your tablet (EX3 or EX3S bike models only)

Using a Tablet to Stream Netflix

Okay, so a really cool thing you can do is attach your tablet or phone to your Echelon bike! Most of the Echelon models you’ll come across already come with a screen, but you can’t stream Netflix on that screen because it is limited to only Echelon features.

Because Netflix does not work with the Echelon bike, consider getting a sidecar mount for your tablet or phone.  This is a super fast and cheap way to watch Netflix on your stationary bike. You could attach your device to the top, left, or right of the stock screen and could even add multiple devices if you needed.

If you don’t have a tablet and don’t want to sidecar your phone, here’s a more in-depth way to watch Netflix while you cycle your soul out.

Does the echelon Fit app work with the EX5S?

As it stands, the Echelon Fit app will pair with Strava, Fitbit, and the Apple Health app. The EX5S has a built-in 10″ or 22″ HD touchscreen for you to enjoy interactive workouts on.

Can you install Netflix on a peloton tablet?

While Peloton warns that making “modifications that are unauthorized or not recommended by Peloton” aren’t covered in the touchscreen’s 12-month warranty, there’s a full walkthrough of how to install Netflix and other apps on the Peloton tablet on the subreddit.

Is the HD touchscreen on the echelon fit worth it?

When the 10″ or 22″ HD touchscreens are paired with the Echelon Fit app, you will be immersed in a variety of live and on-demand virtual workouts, as well as scenic rides across the globe. That said, we aren’t so sure the addition of the HD touchscreen is worth the money.

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