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Does the Oura Ring measure blood pressure?

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The Oura Ring has many features, however, it doesn’t measure blood pressure (not yet at least). Does the Oura Ring count steps? The Oura Ring registers all daily movements and intensities from light housework to heavy workouts while counting steps. Which finger is best for the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is one of the most popular ways to monitor your health through features like heart rate and body temperature measurement. Since the Oura Ring can measure your fitness level and many body data, you may wonder if it can also measure your blood pressure.

The Oura Ring cannot measure blood pressure. If you want to measure your blood pressure throughout the day, you need to buy an arm cuff. However, the Oura Ring measures many other things that are important for fitness and health. 

You may be wondering what exactly the Oura Ring measures and if it is worth its price since it does not measure blood pressure. In this article, we’ll go over exactly what you can expect from the Oura Ring and give you some tips on how to use it.

Does Oura Ring Measure Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is important to overall health. Many pharmacies and grocery stores allow you to check your blood pressure for free if you are interested in knowing. But, does Oura Ring measure blood pressure?

The Oura Ring doesn’t measure blood pressure, but it measures many things that can give you a picture of your overall health including:

  • Your resting heart rate
  • Your body temperature
  • Your heart rate variability 
  • Your respiratory rate 
  • Your nighttime movement 

If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure and it needs close monitoring, you might want to purchase a blood pressure cuff to measure at home.

What Activities Does Oura Ring Track?

The ring uses sensors to track all the previously talked about health metrics and then will upload the data to your Oura app on your phone or tablet. It displays the data as well as generates scores on your activity and sleep levels.

Your activity score is generated using the following:

  • Length and number of naps 
  • Periods of inactivity 
  • Calories burned 
  • Steps
  • Workouts logged 

It will also alert you when you have not reached your daily activity goals to try and encourage you to be more active the next day.

Despite not measuring blood pressure, the Oura Ring still provides an accurate picture of health by measuring things like heart and respiratory rate.

Is There an Alternative Fitness Tracker That Measures Blood Pressure?

If you are concerned about high blood pressure levels, you might be wondering if there is another fitness tracker for you besides the Oura Ring.

You can use a blood pressure monitor on your fitness tracker using the following tips:

  1. Make sure your wrist and arm are at heart level during the measurement
  2. Measure it against a cuff at the same time to see if the reading is accurate
  3. Bring your fitness tracker with you to your next doctor’s appointment to see if the reading is accurate compared to the doctor’s equipment
  4. Ask your doctor’s advice about using the fitness tracker as a blood pressure monitor

While there are some fitness trackers that provide blood pressure levels, some doctors and the American Heart Association advise against using them. This is because blood pressure is more accurately measured in the upper arm rather than the wrist or finger.

How does the Oura Ring measure sleep?

The sleep score is where Oura Ring stands out from other trackers on the market, as it uses the following data to measure the quality of your sleep: number of breaths per minute (respiratory rate) Currently, the Oura Ring is one of the few sleep trackers that measures both your body temperature and heart rate variability.

What do you need to know about Oura Ring?

Oura Ring Review: When Fashion Meets Data 1 Specs and features. The Oura Ring is made of durable titanium and available in two styles and five colors, including silver, black, matte gray, gold, and diamond. 2 Benefits. … 3 Potential downsides. … 4 Comparison with competitors. … 5 The bottom line. …

Is the Oura Ring better than the Fitbit?

This Oura Ring review will compare and contrast their device to the Fitbit. The Oura Ring is better suited for those looking for more data and detail. It offers a breakdown of sleep stages (deep, light, and REM) and generates an overall sleep score based on heart rate, breathing, and temperature.

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