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Can you download apps on NordicTrack exercise machines?

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Since today’s NordicTrack exercise machines come with smart screens, you may find yourself wondering what else you can do from that screen. For example, people often ask if they can download some of their favorite apps, such as a music app, youtube for streaming videos, or Netflix for entertainment.

Can you watch Netflix on NordicTrack smart screens?

Depending on your Nordictrack model, there appears to be a way to bypass the iFit screen and access a web browser from your Smart Screen. From here, you may be able to navigate to download your app or access websites like or directly. Be warned, however, that this requires some technical understanding.

NordicTrack bikes are among the most popular bikes on the market when it comes to your fitness at home. Whenever you can’t go to the gym, these bikes are perfect for achieving your workout goals. But how secure are they, and can they be hacked?

It is possible for users to hack their NordicTrack bikes to access the Android system. NordicTrack is actively working to secure its system through automatic updates for its bikes.

However, this can be used by more than just regular users. Anyone who wants to gain access to your bike can use the method and get into a locked system if they know the process.

Hacking the NordicTrack Bike

The procedure of “hacking” the NordicTrack bike should only be done by normal users of the bike and should not be used to access a bike that is not yours or that you should not use.

Hacking the NordicTrack bike is primarily done due to the screen locking on the user of the bike.

This is a known problem that customers have detailed online, hence there is a known solution to the problem.

The process of unlocking the bike is as follows:

  1. Tap the touch screen 10 times.
  2. Wait 7 seconds.
  3. Tap the touch screen 10 more times.

This should unlock your touch screen so you can access Android’s system. Not only will this procedure allow you to unlock the screen, but it will allow you to dive deeper than you normally would into your NordicTrack’s abilities.

NordicTrack Privilege Mode

As we stated, by accessing this “privilege” mode, many features are available that were not previously in regular mode.

You can sideload apps to the bike, which is handy if you have apps that you would like to use while exercising. It’s perfect for multitasking. Also, with a third party web browser loaded, the world of possibilities opens up to you. Whether it be Netflix or plain surfing the web, you have it all in your hands.

Now, watch out though. NordicTrack is releasing updates in order to try and block this known process for its internet connected bikes.

Why You Should Hack Your Own NordicTrack with Caution

Customers are still constantly finding workarounds to NordicTrack’s update. These workarounds can be found if you search heavily enough throughout the internet. Since they can be a security issue, we will let you use your own judgment if you further seek a workaround, or use the one we listed in the beginning of the article.

If you choose to use our workaround, be aware of the security risks involved, and know that it does give hackers a chance to possibly access your system and anything else you choose to access on your NordicTrack bike.

Use the bike just as you would your computer regarding security, but just realize that it is not as secure as your computer or mobile phone is. It was not made for this type of operation so be careful if you do use it otherwise.

How Is NordicTrack Responding to Hacking?

Although customers were excited because they had found a way to do tasks like zoom calls at work while also getting their daily workout in, NordicTrack was not satisfied. This security loophole may have made customers angry after using their bike to do personal and work tasks at the same time during the day, but there are some serious downsides to taking advantage of it.

NordicTrack found that the ability to sideload apps opens up many areas of the bike that hackers can get into to manipulate bikes that aren’t their own.

NordicTrack didn’t want someone running at top speed to suddenly stop the bike, or worse, someone who can only run to accelerate the bike to top speed and crash or get hurt.

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