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Are There Fitness Trackers That Work Independently of Smartphones?

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Fitness trackers have evolved to offer various features and capabilities, some of which do not require a smartphone for their basic functions. Products like the Mgaolo Kids Smart Watch highlight this trend. This device, designed for children, includes a heart rate and sleep monitor, and it functions as a pedometer and activity tracker. It’s noteworthy for its ability to operate without an app or phone connection.

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Fitness Tracker Image

Modern fitness trackers like the Garmin Vivoactive 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Garmin Fenix 6X offer functionalities that allow them to be used independently of smartphones. These devices are electronically powered and can track fitness metrics such as steps, distance, and calories burned. Some, like the Garmin vivofit 4, even feature automatic movement recognition with their Move IQ technology.

Apple Watches and Fitbits are also popular in the fitness tracker market. They offer advanced features like ECG for measuring heart rhythms and continuous health-tracking enhancements. The Fitbit Inspire 2, for instance, assists in setting and tracking long-term fitness goals.

For those seeking a combination of style and functionality, options like the HUAWEI Band 7 and Amazfit BIP 3 Pro stand out. They offer features such as a slim bezel-less screen, long battery life, and comprehensive health and fitness tracking, including SpO2 and heart rate monitoring.

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